I was born on June 11, 1963 in Leuven, Belgium. At a young age, I started my musical studies.

I chose to dedicate myself to music from an early age and took music lessons on various schools where I received numerous awards, including in saxophone, clarinet, piano, accordion, harmony, musical education and chamber music.

I continued my studies at the Royal Music Conservatorium in Brussels and obtained first prizes, diplomas and certificates for general music theory, clarinet, transposition, harmony, counterpoint, piano and wind and fanfare conducting.
My main teachers were André Waignein and Jan Segers.

I already conducted several music bands as conductor and guest conductor. At this moment, I am working as a composer-arranger and jury member.

Since 2019 after a career of more than 30 years, I have retired as a musician with the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force. I also regularly work for the Belgian music organization VLAMO as a an accompagnist for music bands, as a conductor and as a member of the jury. .

Finally, I also regularly provide guest management.