DHM 02.007 CD Life on Mars Don Pedro
DHM 02.007 CD Band parade Mood romantic
Band parade
DHM 02.011 CD Reflections Reflections for band
Midnight serenade
DHM 02.015 CD Slavia Celebration fantasy
A holiday party
DHM 01.011 CD Alte Kameraden Band parade
So long
DHM 01.012 CD Atlanta 96 Explorations
DHR 12.001 CD Revisions On the beat
Speed it up
DHR 03.011 CD Soli light Mood romantic
DHR 01.015 CD Sommerprogramm vol.1 Don Pedro
DHR 98.027 CD Blasorchester: Sommerprogramm vol.2 Mood romantic
So long
DHR 02.023 CD Yellow Mountains Laurena
DHR 01.020-3 CD Spirit of life Spirit of life
La coruña
DHR 03.029.3 CD Solitaire Laurena
DIGITAL 5618 CD Kempisch jeugdfanfareorkest Anitschka
DIGITAL 87.144 CD Soloists and composers of the royal band, Symphonic band of the Belgian airforce Eplorations
OMC 67097 Musique de la 8ième d'Infanterie Anitschka
AMOS 5713 CD Couleurs Band parade
DHR 01.025-37 CD Memory Disco story
DHR CD 01.026-03 Asteroï The four seasons
Millenium fever
DHR 197.031 CD Kerkrade Variants Santa pepita
DHR 03.030-3 CD Solitime Shalom alechem
DHR 10.012-3 CD The wind music of Johan Nijs Spectodruction
Speed it up
The legendary white
Band parade
Santa pepita
Celebration fantasy
On the beat
A holiday party
Reflections for band
Don Pedro
Spirit of life
So long
DHR 01.23-3 CD Blasorchester: Sommerprogramm vol.3 Midnight serenade
On the beat
DHR 01035-3 CD The easy way Coast life
DHR 1.028.3 CD Easy band music The four seasons
DHR 02.032-3 CD Dynamic winds Dynamic winds
DHR 2.030-3 CD Virtuoso Caribbean sunrise
DHR 88447-2 CD Uit de schaduw Fantasietta
CD Woluwse componisten en volksliedjes Concerto dynamico
SMP 001-3 CD Bright future Amicitia
Dynamic winds
Midnight serenade
Concerto dynamico
The four seasons
Caribbean sunrise
Coast life
La Coruña
Disco story
Bright future
Mood romantic
Millenium fever
Stateside salute
DHR 02-044-3 CD Lord of the sea Festival variations
DHR 01-043 CD Celebrations Sould mates
Scenes of Russia
Where dreams have no end
SMP 004-3 CD Enjoy the future Festival variations
Millenium fever
Song of hope
Hornpipe highlights
Dixie time
Scenes of Russia
St-Patrick dances
Soul mates
Enjoy the future
Where dreams have no end
The compass rose story
Shalom alechem
MVSR 095 West Coast Arethusa
El Escorial
TMPCD 130629 Alsace Pictures Alsace pictures
5 Universal Chorals
DHR 02-053-3 Firework Summertime party
TMPCD 130632 Yellowstone overture Sinfonietta Magyar
TMPCD 130631 Crazy tongues Picadilly fanfare
Band press In flanders fields Poppies for fallen heroes
TMPCD 130633 Canals of Amsterdam Tutankhamun
TMPCD 130634 Condor's eye Drones
Angels of the ocean
Fanfare of glory